Paper Reading and Scientific Writing

  • How to Read a Paper (S. Keshav) [PDF]

  • The Elements of Style (William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White) [Amazon]

  • How to write a technical paper or a research paper (Michael Ernst) [WebSite]

  • Learn LaTeX in 30 minutes (Overleaf) [Overleaf]

Machine and Deep Learning Courses and Textbooks

General Machine and Deep Learning
  • Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and Classification (Andrew Ng) [Coursera]

  • Deep Learning Specialization (Andrew Ng) [Coursera]

  • Machine Learning (Hungyi Lee in Chinese) [Course Website]

  • Textbook: “Deep Learning” (Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio, and Aaron Courville) [PDF] [HardCopy]

Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • CS285: Deep Reinforcement Learning (Sergey Levine) [CS285]

  • Deep Reinforcement Learning (Hungyi Lee in Chinese) [YouTube]

  • Textbook: "Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction" (Richard S. Sutton and Andrew G. Barto) [PDF]

Deep Learning for Life Science
  • Computational Systems Biology: Deep Learning in the Life Sciences (Manolis Kellis) [MIT 6.874]

Deep Learning for Graphs
  • CS224W: Machine Learning with Graphs (Jurij Leskovec) [CS224W]

Computer Vision
  • CS231n: Deep Learning for Computer Vision (Fei-Fei Li) [CS231n]

Nature Language Process
  • CS224n: Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning (Chris Manning) [CS224n]

Computational Tools for Drug Discovery

The Missing Semester of Your CS Education [MIT]
Python Code Editors
Deep Learning Frameworks
Computational Molecular Biology
Cheminformatics Toolkits
Molecular Visualization
Molecular Docking
Molecular Simulation
Protein Structure Prediction
Single-cell RNA Sequencing Data Analysis